Composition & Sound Design

K&V - client audio studio
Kuedo  - artist project

Composition Reels:

you can find most of the above tracks in this mp3 archive (^  private links, please don’t share publicly x)

Selected Credits:
Agency / Brand Clients:
Huawei, O2, Chivas Regal, ABB, Nike, Mercedes, Fendi, Audi, Zalando, Discovery Channel, Bulgari..

Directors & Studios:
Field.io, Metahaven, Superflux, Bradley Munkowitz, Woof Wan-Bau, Eddie Alcazar, Shinichiro Watanabe..

Films, Games & Installations:
Perfect (2018) - film - add. composition
Sovereign (2018, in dev) - game - composition & sound design
Blade Runner 2022: Black Out (2017) - film - add. composition
All Walls Must Fall (2017) - game - add. composition
Neophysical (2016) - installation - composition
The Sprawl (2016) - film - composition & sound design


Music composition & production
Sound design
Sound edit & mix
Interactive audio (Fmod, Unreal, Web Audio)
Music supervision & licensing

Sound Design Reel:




Jamie Teasdale, Berlin